Laser welding technology through a very short period of time in the rapid positioning, greatly reducing the production of the beat, the smaller the amount of heat to ensure that the assembly after welding deformation is small, more conducive to product quality improvement. From the market growth point of view, according to the type of blue laser pointer, the next five years, the fastest growing market is the direct semiconductor lasers, mainly kilowatt-class high-power semiconductor lasers; growth is the second fastest quantum cascade laser, this laser advantage Obviously, widely used, especially in anti-terrorism, security and other applications play an important role in the future of the global quantum cascade lasers will have a huge demand. Fiber lasers will always maintain a steady growth rate.

green laser

There are some highly reflective materials, such as copper and other rare metal materials, this type of material although able to use fiber laser cutting machine for cutting, but because of these materials for the laser wavelength is not the ideal absorption range of these materials, will reflect Part of the energy burned to protect the lens, which is also need to pay attention. Currently on the market of fiber laser cutting machine equipment is mainly for the thin plate cutting, cutting in the 16mm below the advantages of thin plate is very obvious, and in the cutting plate when the efficiency is relatively low, which is subject to the power of fiber lasers.

In recent years, an exciting alternative process has been put into industrial applications, that is, ultra-fast laser pointer in the near infrared wavelength range generated sub-second pulse. In this method, the ultrashort pulse is closely focused on most of the glass or surface, and the power density per square centimeter exceeds the number of tiles, causing complex and diverse processes such as simultaneous multiphoton absorption, avalanche and collision ionization, resulting in a glass The matrix is highly localized by the destruction while almost no energy deposition (only a few microfocus or less). Since the energy used for each pulse is extremely modest, the thermal effect on the part (or even the volume of the focus) is negligible.

As the high energy density positron research in the military, materials, energy and other fields of science has important strategic significance and application prospects, the field has become the international high-energy physics research hot and difficult. Einstein's energy equation tells us that matter and energy can be transformed into each other. According to the quantum electrodatics we have known that super-intense green laser can tear the vacuum to produce positive and negative electron pairs, but the required laser intensity is at least seven orders of magnitude higher than the laser energy available in the current laboratory.

The quality assurance after hardening treatment involves authorizing a partner to use the laboratory quality identification and other technical means to determine the processing results, and through the metallographic method to verify the results. At the same time, this cooperation also plays a role in the development of the products required by the user, such as the reliability test of the stability of the tool and the inspection of the cutting capacity in the specific workplace. Only advanced research to make the smooth end of the work, can begin to accept the user parts of the laser hardening of the commission. Common laser quenching process on the market and a certain amount of red laser pointer feed to adjust the tool to achieve the same quality level.